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exchange and refund rules (for Ukrainian customers)

According to Art. 18 of the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights" customer requirements are considered upon presentation of merchandise and cash receipt.

Buyer has the right to exchange purchased within 14 days (excluding the date of purchase) , it the chosen ware not coming up to him in size, model, shape or coloring, if the mentioned wared is in the perfect condition, and was not used and returned intact and unspoiled form.

If purchased in T-shirt / bag has one or more defects. Buyer has the right to exchange it within the established warranty period for the new T-shirt / bag or get full refund, if the T-shirt / bag is not covered under the warranty.

Warranty periods for bag / T-shirt calculated from the date of purchase, and for the exchange - from the date of its exchange.

Exchange of poor quality t-shirts / bags made upon written request of the buyer.

In the case of exchange of poor quality t-shirt / T-shirt bag / bag another model with the buyer shall be recalculated based on the monetary amount specified at purchase.

Exchange is not possible if:

T-shirt/Bag is worn out; a defect formed due to operation under conditions not corresponding to its destination;

with mechanical damages (scratches, cuts, "stripping" and so on); deformed as a result of

inappropriate usage, drying quality lost due to chemical exposure, and other defects made directly by the buyer;

• renovated by the buyer before presentation to store representative.

Return defective T-shirts / bags

• shirt / bag should be clean, no wear, no traces of the fitting;

shirt / Bag should be packed in individual branded boxes;

• the application of its own mark on t-shirts / bags or boxes (price tags and other details) is not allowed.

Return t-shirts / bags that were in use during the warranty period

The reason for the return t-shirts / bags, were in usage, can only be the fault of the manufacturer (come off the print, split seams, etc.).

Only the examination can determine, if the damage was caused because of the buyer or manufacturer. (Examination is carried out for 20 days by both buyer and shop).

Warranty does not spreads on replacement parts (accessories and so on.).

Shirts / bags with small disposable after manufacturing disadvantages (labels glueing, tear thread stitched on the bag and others.) Is not the reason for a refund or exchange.

Refund will be made within 20 days of receipt of order.

Sending the exchange is carried out within 3-5 days after we receive your request. Exchanges and returns are made only in the presence of the original packaging.
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